The Philosophical, or as it is widely known the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry, consists of 33 degrees (1 to 33) that are divided in seven levels.

The first 3 (1st Entered Apprentice, 2nd Fellow Craft and 3rd Master Mason) are known as the symbolic degrees and are operating under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the country where masonry is active.

The first Supreme Council has been established in Charleston at South Carolina, USA, which bears today the name Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction, its base being at Washington D.C., capital of the USA and is recognized as the ‘World’s Mother Supreme Council’ as it is from it that, directly or indirectly, all the Supreme Councils active around the World, have stemmed, both regular and irregular.

All the Supreme Councils operate according to the regulations and provisions of the Constitutions of 1762 (the Bordeaux regulations) and 1786 (the Berlin regulations). The Scottish rite lodges are known as Laboratories and the brothers are working in them from the 4th to the 32nd degrees following Ritual Manuals that have to follow the regulations and provisions of the 1762 and 1786 Constitutions.

The philosophical masonry in Cyprus has been introduced in 1899 through the establishment of the first such lodge bearing the name Chapter of Rose Croix, Sovereign Chapter, ‘Plato’ no 6 Amathus Valley, Limassol Orient, under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree for Greece.

Since then nine more philosophical lodges were established under the jurisdiction of the Council of the 33rd degree for Greece of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, as per the following order:

The Grand Jury (31st Degree), the Grand Consistory (32nd Degree) and the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree for Cyprus of the Accepted Ancient Scottish Rite, were established on May, 22nd, 2006 a historical landmark for both the Cyprus philosophical masonry and the Cyprus masonry in general.

ELEFTHERIA no 2, Amathus Valley, Limassol Orient, in 1921.
STASINOS no 11, Ledra Valley, Nicosia Orient, in 1929.

PLATO no 6, Amathus Valley, Limassol Orient(15th to 18th degree) in 1899 .
SALAMIS no 16, Ledra Valley, Nicosia Orient (15th to 18th degree) in 1940.
CHR. TORNARITES no 17, Salamis Valley, Famagusta Orient (4th to 18th degree) in 1949 ESTIA no 18, Kition Valley, Larnaca Orient (4th to 18th degree) in 1950 .
APRHODITE, NO. 23, Ieroi Kipoi, Paphos Orient (4th to 18th degree) in 1969.

H KYPROS no 3, Amathus Valley, Limassol Orient, in 1918.
LEDRA no 7, Ledra Valley, Nicosia Orient, in 1949.
KITION no 13, KITION Valley, Larnaca Orient, in 1985.

It’s official establishment took place on Saturday, November, 25th, 2006 at 6 pm at the Masonic Hall Solon in Nicosia under the Chair of the Sovereign Grand Commander Bro∴ George Halkiotis, and the co-chairing of bro∴ Serge Poulard and in the presence of the Sovereign Grand Commanders or their representatives, of Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Iran (in exile) and South Africa. Many more other Supreme Councils, not able to attend have extended their fraternal congratulations and greetings.

Supreme Councils 33° that have already entered into amity (interrecognition) with the Supreme Council 33° and last degree for Cyprus, of the A∴A∴S∴R∴

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